Sunrise-Vista Chino Neighborhood Coalition

When people work together on common neighborhood goals and concerns, great things can happen.







In 2000 we began as an informal alliance of Sagewood, Ranch Club Estates, Colony of El Mirador and Sunrise Racquet Club HOAs in response to the proposed Homeless Drop-In Center at the Desert Aids Project property.  That proposal was defeated due to this concerted effort.  This informal alliance has evolved into a City of Palm Springs officially recognized Neighborhood Organization and is now part of the Palm Springs Office of Neighborhood Involvement ( ).  Desert Aids Project and Weiss Apartments have also joined with us in our effort to maintain a high-quality neighborhood.



  • Stopped the extension of Chia to Farrell (dropped from the new General Plan)
  • Worked with Planning Department on changes to the proposed expansion of Staters Bros. Marketplace
  • Joined with Desert Aids Project in requesting money from City for addition of security wall at Weiss Apartments
  • Ongoing monitoring of development projects in our neighborhood
  • Testified before Planning Commission and City Council on draft General Plan
  • Currently working on resolving Ranch Club wall issue with new Riverside County Family Clinic
  • Held first Annual Membership Meeting, November 1, 2007, including presentations by Police Department and an overview of Earthquake Preparations
  • Surveyed S-VC NC HOA residents for their input.  Results presented at 2009 Annual Meeting



  • Repair of El Mirador street
  • Resolution of Ranch Club and Riverside Clinic wall issue
  • Input to City Planning Services on Albertsonís area development
  • Continued monitoring of homeless situation
  • Continued monitoring of City Plan and development projects with appropriate action when needed
  • Earthquake preparations and a plan for El Mirador, Ranch Club and Sagewood (Sunrise Racquet Club already completed)
  • Continue work with DAP and Weiss Apartments to address any problems and to ensure a quality environment for our neighborhood


Next Annual Membership Meeting November 2009 at Ranch Club Clubhouse.

A public meeting open to all.   Meeting notice is posted on this web site.




Each member HOA Board approved the Application and Bylaws of Sunrise-Vista Chino Neighborhood Coalition (S-VC NC) and each Board appoints representatives to the S-VC NC Advisory Council.  The current Advisory Council is:


Paula Auburn, Chair, Sunrise Racquet Club                     For more information contact:

Ed Dietrich,  Vice Chair, Sagewood                                 Paula Auburn                 320-1683

Shirley Moore, Ranch Club                                              Ed Dietrich                    219-8000

Margo Hertz, Ranch Club                                 

Lillian Cavin, Sunrise Racquet Club                                   Email Paula:

Alexandra (Alex) Christensen, DAP

Patricia Myers, Sunrise Racquet Club

Thomas Van Etten, El Mirador

Welner Ayala, Manager, Weiss Apartments


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